Friday, June 15, 2012

Impact KTV makes an Impact!

See the left hand side of the picture?  Something good must be happening. And my auntie is holding on to a microphone. Can you make a guess what is going on?

3 men - 2 brothers and a dad -still so engross with something at that corner! But my auntie has already belt out her voice! So I believe you can guess what is it sitted there.

Mystery revealed! Its a karaoke machine!

Jared is lovin' it. He loves to sing and this boy is enlisting soon. No more kbox members night for him. But, Impact KTV to the rescue! You can have this machine anywhere and everywhere. For us, we booked a function room 'cause we want to have more space to prance around.

The IMPACT Group provides one-stop services to our clients and they specialised in conferences, seminars, trainings, corporate or private events, as well as festive and party entertainment services that cater to both pre and post event functions. 

IMPACT has been a reputable service provider to almost 80% of the hotels in Singapore over the past 16 years since its establishment. I actually planned this surprise for 2 weeks already. No one knew there was gonna be karaoke at the family gathering that month. You bet your last dollar that I was so excited for the day to come!

Impact KTV karaoke machine is so user friendly that even my parents who are in their 50s were able to operate it.
The screen is very clear, scratch free (mcm give me use new machine like that) and best of all, it is so beautifully categorized that you are able to find your song within seconds! Save time! Can sing more!

Here are still my parents, looking for songs thru "writing".

That's all I could write. I was trying to look for "好心分手 (hao xin fen shou)" I couldnt remember how to write "", I think. But I didnt give up.

Can put Hanyu Pinying one! Where got home system so high technology one please! I was very eager to sing this song because its the only canto song I know and I've been practicing so I can wow my elders. I made Jared hooked onto this song too. I can haz someone duet w me other than Koh.

Buay tahan this two lovebirds. Hog the machine very long and every song also want to sing. My father cannot even look up one second to smile for the camera.

So anyway, Impact KTV not only just provides you with a karaoke machine, but it also works as a music jukebox.

It lets you play a wide selection of music in the background when you are not singing it. Being compact in size, it helps to save space too instead of you having a Hi-Fi set for music and another Karaoke set just for your singing entertainment. Got remote control somemore. No need to stand at the machine all day! How convenient!

Its state-of-the-art technology benefits you from singing out of VCDs and DVDs which often leads to difficulties finding the songs you need from various CDs. This will definitely saves time and impress your guests on board leaving them a unique experience. "State-of-art technology, reporting for duty!"

Moreover all systems are all touch screen capable making them very user friendly for customers to indulge in a world of fun and entertainment. Its all preset and adjusted for us. Such good service too as they were really on time and setting up takes no time at all. You dont have to worry about paying xxx amount for 3hrs then half an hour wasted on setting up.

Then, you wonder.. why got these plugs like a its a computer. There are not there for fun!

You can actually record your own singing!

Impact KTV provides Karaoke lovers with an additional value-added feature - recording of your own voice via a USB drive in mp3 format. Yes, this is a unique and exclusive attribute not only lets you playback the enjoyable time you recorded during your K session, you can also share your recordings to your friends and family members. Cross fingers maybe got recording label knock on your door.

Use your thumbdrive and you are good to go! Too bad, none of my family members really wanted to like have a recording of their own singing so I couldnt test that out. Why I dont try? Very easy 'cause half of the time, I cannot read the Chinese words and Jared kept singing English songs with me. I dont want to reject him also cause he poor thing enlist to NS. He gets to sing to his heart's contents!

If you cannot remember or suddenly dont know what to sing anymore! Fret not, Impact KTV karaoke machine got so many different categories to help you recall! You can check out the rankings.

Or search by Language.

Or by the number of words.

So back to me singing, I found the version I wanted to sing. I knew I had to queue for my turn but how many songs before me?

Like cool only! Its at the side of the screen so you can still browse and check if what's the next song!

If the list gets too long, like an iPhone or iPad, you can swipe to the side for next page! By this point, I have nothing but praises for Impact KTV  and its wonderful machine. How is that even possible. Mother of all karaoke machines.

When no one is using the machine and you are bored waiting for your song, you can play games even!

We, my cousins and I, found this special effects thing about the machine. We thought we press "Teasing" will just have the "boo" sound from the speakers.

MAI SIAO SIAO. Got some cartoon come out from the TV one (and the "boooooo" sound).

Then, we tried "Applause".

So cute lor please! Heart eyes. I *meltzzz* and thank God for this sponsorship. Everything is so amazing and cute and high tech. I cannot even believe my eyes. I sound very suaku but really, I never see karaoke machine so awesome before. I just want to keep one at home, just to show off to my friends how high tech I am.

This one nothing fancy. However, luckily got this function if not I cannot sing.

My turn!

In case you dont know how to use, Impact KTV will not leave you there yourself a few hours to like find this and find that, figure this and figure that. A guide is provided! Top notched machine, top notched service. I literally can cry nowwwww. But before I go and cry, enjoy these videos I took of them (not so secretly) singing! You can really hear how nice the speakers are also.

Once again, thank you Impact KTV for being so wonderful and nice and so high technology and so good quality. I can die happy already. I never sing K till so shiok before. I am having discussion with Koh to book the machine during X'mas for his family to enjoy this shiokness too. Who can say no to Karaoke during family gathering. It is such a great way to bond. I even had my first duet with my dad that day.

Hurry and contact them now to book your session!
Hotline: 9649 6438

I have some "Extra $100 off" coupons with me. If you like to have it, please leave your contact details in the comments section or tweet me and I will email it to you postage free! Just want to share the goods and have Impact KTV make you and your family as happy as (or happier!) Impact KTV did to my family!

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