Friday, March 16, 2012

One stupid woman

I think it's okay to be stupid and admit it than to pretend you don't know how stupid you are. Asking questions shows you want me to respect you and you are giving me respect. But to move my bag away from my table? Bitch, you messing with the wrong person.

First of all, you are not officially part of the center yet. I have all rights to ignore you as a being. I don't have to get along with you or even be nice. You don't have a table but need to use one,, you can jolly well use mine if asked.

Do not. I repeat. Do not motherfucking plant your ass on my chair like both of you belong together.

Secondly, I know the kids are really cute and if possible, I also want to keep them in my pockets however, refrain from trying to keep them by your side. They get to chose which teacher they like. You don't have to bribe them. You are such a fat slob, I'm surprise anyone wants you.

Thirdly, CB KIA THAT ONE MY TABLE AND CHAIR DON'T CB KIA AND PLACE YOUR BAG THERE AND REMOVE MY BAG TO A PLACE WHERE WE STORE JUNK. Please don't move my bag already then ask me if it's okay. NB YOU MOVE ALREADY THEN YOU ASK FOR FUCK? Even if you don't know that's my table, it won't kill you to asked. Besides why will I put my things in a drawer below the table if that table is not mine? Are you stupid?

Photo: CB KIA planted her ass on my chair early in the morning when she came in.

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