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Is this real, Or is this fantasy

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I always joke about Life and also daydream about how wonderful it is for me to be able to study till I die. Sometimes, I think I don't mean what I said. Honest to the guy above, do I really want to be a collector of all qualifications, master to none and obviously having no time of my Life?

As a educator (yes I teach, back off.), I often find the need to hurl at them kids and then "go vomit blood". Of course, I don't ever do that although in their hearts, I am the most terrifying teacher in the school. I need a break every now and then from them. Don't get me wrong, I love my kids to bits but come the fuck on, I cannot face their cutesy face everyday! I will dieeeeee.

See, play w my photo-booth while I was marking papers.

Luckily for me, I have a blog as my escape. SSL bought me to events, to meet new people (who don't need any hurling at) and needless to say, a bit of income. And plus the uprising deal websites, GETAWAY HAVE NEVER BEEN SO EASY PEASY! Seriously, everything is just a click away and all you need to do is pay up, get your ass out and have fun!

I went on yet another yacht trip! This time, when night falls! (p/s: The last time was for Koh's 21st. It was Yap's uncle's yacht. So we only had to pay a small sum to cover diesel and the crew. It was 11am when we set off. I was sleepy, just finished a paper and baked the entire night before. I didnt think I had cup-full fun.)

On our way to see what we are in for .

A must for every blogger event.

The amount of cameras we have on board!

All megusta.jpg face on. Listening to Leanna of MoxDeals speak about how this yacht trip made possible!

I feel very Better Boop that day. I need to have small face. Charlene has serious poker face on. LOL .

Eva was there too and I am glad, I made friends with this bunch. Stefan (the one on the floor) was like " Can you see me?" when it turned dark.

Forgot to intro the yacht to you. Her name is "Xiao Ling". Sponsor by GRAND CRUISE.

And our captain, Cik Teddy.

Basically, we nua around while Cik Teddy bought us to different islands such as Kusu Island, St John's Island. I barely took any photos cause like I said, I been on a yacht before. I knew what to expect already so I just went to enjoy myself.

The center one is chio one but Charlene wants to take credit too.

IDK where Stefan went in this picture. Prolly because it became dark and we really cannot see him.

Test shot of group shot of us drinking shots. I had like 3 in my hand. One courtesy of Emily, the other Samantha (who also went to KL for #napbas).

A real shot of a group shot of us drinking shots.

19 girls and one stripper.

Maximised chio bu-s ness here.


I just had to like take the photographer away from his camera and join us for a photo. We are the bunch of lucky ladies. Or maybe he is the stripper too.

Night View of Sentosa in another angle.

I hate fireworks. This time I was in cabin, belting "Check Upon It".

Wonder how you can also get a trip like this? Don't say I don't/never share. INTRODUCINGGGG THE AMAZZEBALLS MOXDEALS!

Now, a little about the company. [You know, Singaporeans, all very kiasi (scared to die) and kiasu (scared to lose) one. Must make sure its trustable, won't kena cheat and value for money. So I think its protocol to just talk about how amazeballs MoxDeals is.]

MoxDeals Singapore is the new e-Commerce division of Aglow Alicom Pte. Ltd, a member of the Mox Telecom Group Germany [Mai siao siao, Germany leh]. Although they are a new and booming daily deal business in the Singapore market, I daresay they are built to last.

"While the MoxDeals Singapore name may be a new player in the daily deals industry, Mox Telecom AG in Germany, as the parent company of Mox Group is one of the leading provider of international telecoms services focused on developing needs-based telecommunication products to facilitate low-cost, high-quality, international telephony.

The company, founded in 1998, specialized early on in the development and sale of pre-paid telecommunication services. Since 2006 Mox Telecom AG is listed on Frankfurt Stock Exchange, Germany. Besides most European countries, Mox, currently in its 15th year, operates successfully in the USA, Canada, South Africa, Middle East and Southeast Asia."

So now you ask, how is this MoxDeals different from other deal businesses? Aren't they all just out to make money? Let's just say I got first hand experience on the deals they offered on their site hence you no choice but to listen to me.

Well, to begin with, I shall tell you how their deals work.

1) The Standard Deal

Looks very normal right? Yes, you are right. This is how normally the deals work on other deal websites. Its like no questions asked, "What you see is what you get. Now pay up." kinda thing.

Like say, you want to have a photoshoot with your friends and Moxdeal (soon to) happen to have a deal on that.

All you need to do is to purchase the deal by paying it upfront on the site! How hard can that be? If my ahma still alive, I think she also will be able to start purchasing from MoxDeals as everything is just a click away.

2) Pay to Merchant

Now here's one of the differences. Like what it says, you take on a deal which allows you to pay a small amount and you cough out the rest only when its convenient and when you decide to redeem it.

For example, (an upcoming deal they are about to have) you want to get this teeth whitening deal. It cost you maybe about xxx$ (anyhow bomb 3 digits as I reckon this is a reasonable amount to pay for BUT I do want/need a sponsorship! Best if can do braces too. #askingtoomuch) on the site. Its not the end of the month, you dont have 500$ with you now to spare. Never mind that! Pay a small amount upfront on the site and when you have the rest of the moolah, head down to Tooth Angels & Co Dental Surgeons Pte Ltd to redeem it and pay the remaining sum!

3) Flat Discount

Discount! I love the sound of it already. I am very xin-jia-po-ren I love discounts, sales and cheap thrills. Basically, you are purchasing a deal that is wayyyy cheaper than it is being retailed at and of couse, be happy about it! You save money!

Paintball is also a form of cheap thrill. Make sure you invite some idiots in life that you cannot stand but cannot be a bitch to at the same time. Then, you have a perfect excuse to aim that person. And you know its not exactly very cheap to do paintball in SG. Visit MoxDeals for this amazing offer!

I have to more or less covered the sponsors of the bloggers' trip on a yacht so bare with me. There are just simply too many and too good to miss out on. Sometimes, I wish Koh could blog too so we can attend events together and share perks together too! But, he thinks its too niang to do something like that. Seriously, like he very macho only #wtf

Koh and I love to sing K. It started when we were singing with his parents at Republic Singapore Yacht Club (where he cheated me of my feelings. First date bring me there. Like #wahrichonlygotclubmembership.) I ,for one, did not have the confidence to belt any notes in front of people and we knew too little songs. So one day, we decided to head to sing K and practice. We got hooked.

Hence, needless to say, we hope to have a machine at home to allow us to sing our hearts out whenever we feel like it and during house parties that we definitely host once we get our own place. I found 'Magic Sing' but because its from the Philippines, the songs are mostly in Tagalog and real old English songs which Koh is a fan of.
ImpactKTV aims to provide best service and quality workmanship. They not only provide you with the karaoke machine but it also works as a music jukebox. It can play a wide selection of music in the background when you are not singing. House parties can never be boring anymore. So much cheaper then to hire a DJ. ImpactKTV also have additional value-added feature - RECORDING OF YOUR OWN VIA A USB DRIVE IN MP3 FORMAT! Not only you can sing, bitch please, now you can never record it!

What's a house party without this? These shots (in packet of 6) only available on MoxDeals. We each get to bring home one packet. Lovely Emily dont drink so I managed to bribe her into giving me hers. Okay, I bluff. She ownself volunteer to give me! I am just too chio and nice.

So these shots.. B52s, vodka mandarin i had tried but I saw someone, Charlene, carrying something green. I love to think they are melted gummy bears drenched in vodka.

Last but not least, Dynamic Fitness!

Of course you need to keep fit else those beer you gonna have are just gonna add on to your beer belly! Dynamic Fitness specializes in personal training, to guide you to be fitter and healthier! I personally work in a gym before and I had always attend classes for free. Come on, I cant be fat and working in a gym at the same time can I? Kickboxing makes me sweat like a zombie (fucking good workout I swear). Its not just kicking and punching, it can be used as a primary self defence and building up endurance. Now, you know how I take in Koh's bullshit.

I cannot wait for MoxDeals to faster come out with more deals (and please sponsor me something. I promise to be good!). But please visit their website : "CLICK!" every hour so that you will not miss out on any amazeballs deals!

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