Thursday, March 8, 2012

On relationship (sunken) ships

On the topic of relationships ( I sincerely hope Koh does not read this), I wonder if I ever regret being with Koh. I have my fair share of roller coaster riders with different male species. Most of the time, I turn out to be the jerk while they made sandwiches for me.

Recently, I have talking about this one guy I regretted not testing waters with just because he couldnt speak english. He is french. He carries a pocket dictionary (french to english, english to french) whenever he is out with us. But seriously, we had too much house parties to even care if he's speaking in Malay.

Well, long story aside. I hooked up with his friend (who could speak english) instead.

How will things had changed if I had just oversee that language barrier? He is able to speak English now without that dictionary. He was really the most romantic guy I ever met in my life. He was willing to show me that he cared and wanted the best of my interest. He even tompang me on a trishaw before just cause I said I've never been on one. Best 30$ he ever paid, he said.

Where on earth could I have met and found another like him?

Or have you ever have an ex whom you sometimes think about? If it would have worked out if back then, you put yourself out a little, give in a little more?

I know I do. N and I had the most complicated relationship in my entire relationship history. There is no way I am able to fit that in into this entry or any other entries. Sometimes, when we hang out, I still got this fuzzy feeling in my stomach. N and I could have been blissful. We had so much in common. We shared same interest and being with him was anything but boring. However, shit had to happen so lan lan suck thumb is the way to go.

Dont get me wrong. All these happened so long ago. I dont even remember how to get to know boys anymore. I know I got Koh and I am contented enough. I love you, darling boy and that is all that matters.

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