Monday, November 29, 2010

Its so tangled!

I watched "A Tangled Tale" with Nate last week. I know its not out yet in cinemas here in Singapore but thanks to the lovely people at Nuffnang, we got free tickets to watch the preview!

It was quite hectic that day. I actually ask Nate to go with me first but then I thought that he wont enjoy a chick flick. Asked both Izzy and Nicole Lin and Izzy replied first. But then, her driving practice went overtime and since Nate was with me, I asked him again. Nate was all like: What! I wanted to go one leh but then you ditch me.

Preview. We had to surrender our phones, cameras, laptops, anything electronic…in case we are thief and we film the show down.

I LOVE THE SHOW. It was crazy how detailed Rapunzel's hair was! Romantic and funny and everyone should go and watch it. Insanely nice! I especially enjoy the part where …okay, I wont spoil the show. Go watch it.

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