Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Dear you ||

Bro, its a shock to all of us. We prolly know why you did it but this lost is heartbreaking. I will never forgive you, giving me this misery for the rest of my life. I am sure you are in a better place and having a beer or two with whoever with you.

I hate having to answer questions that friends pose to me. All the when, whats and how. Who's gonna answer my whys?

I dreamt of you 3 times. Of the 3 times, you were giving me some kind of excuse as why you are not in class. One of the 3, you were piss that we came to find you. Were you trying to tell me something? Telling me that you were angry we didnt look for you? You didnt want to go serve the nation?

The last dream I had of you, you told me you are going overseas for work. By overseas, you actually mean to go live in the clouds with God and play L4D2?

Oh look, nostrils!

You hated the flash from my camera.
I know you will always be there to hug me when I am down.
Yes, Kev. You are very unique.
My personal favourite photo of us.
2nd favourite.
Douche. I will never forget this night. Best. Night. Ever. I never knew Sani's hands were there.

Sani will forever be my Barney Stinson and you are forever my Marshall Eriksen. I shall be cool ass Robin Scherbatsky. Although I can not watch HIMYM the same way again, I will still do because you know how much Marshall reminds me of you. The 3 months you been missing, were the times I watch the show most regularly. I rewatched like dont know how many billion times.

Well, you turn 20 today. You left us on 3rd Oct. We got the news only on 29th Nov. Seriously, cant you wait for like another 2 months and have one last beer with us before you decided to do what you did? I know we dont usually stop at a beer but the least you could do it that.

I was looking at Skype's contact list and I realise I havent talk to you in ages. Yup, the last conversation we had was in June. I decided to chat with you yesterday. You have always been tech-savvy. Why didnt you reply me on Skype?

Are you really gone? I am so sorry for myself for having to lose you so soon. You were my 2nd friend in SMa. The one I can never get angry with. Who is gonna give me harsh wake up calls now? You are really one bad friend.

I wont hate you forever but I know you will forever be in my heart. Happy 20th. Till I see you again. No, Sani and you cannot implant any baby in me. I'd be a hundred years old, looking awesome and Sani will be old and ugly, hope you recognise him.

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