Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Hair being tangled

Sometimes, I hate my hair because it needs alot of taking hair off. I used to enjoy wet hair around campus and then came Paul 2hill. Everyone thought I was trying to, you know, be like him. Hence, I learned the art of blow drying hair.

Along came Justin Bieber and I knew I had to do something w my hair. Man, these "celebrities" just wont get off my back!

I had extensions on and by far, my 3rd time because I really enjoy snipping my hair off my head. Too bad I dont have the courage to Run For Hope.

After, I removed my extensions and couldnt stand my really straight hair (even the salon people ask if I rebonded them before) so I permed and of course the curls dont look like what you see in the picture above now but its so hard to admit that perming my hair was a mistake because my hair is so thick now its crazy!

My hair is really thick, no joke and I have to bun up my hair all the time to keep it in place but I think I have the coolest hair because its sibei thick. I like it when its raining, keeps my head warm.

“What about you? Bring your hair to life now at

Of all the pictures above, I love the one w my extensions so I submitted it here. All you need to do is to like the photo! You dont even need to sign in. I dont usually do this but I love Rapunzel because she gets to have long hair which I never get to have =[ I love her outta jealousy. I also like Ariel because she gets to stay underwater for ages. Even Harry Potter had trouble doing that.

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