Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Whenever I see a boyfriend celebrating a girlfriend's whatever, giving her whatever surprises, I get super green with envy. I am not saying Koh doesnt give me surprises. He does. He does those small everyday kinda surprises like pasting I-Love-you post sticks on walls or making milo for me in the morning before he goes off to school.

But however, when it comes to major surprises like waiting for me to end my driving classes, FAIL.

So yesterday, after reading the-miracle-season, I was like "awww" and Koh asked me what happened.
Me: this guy so cute.
Koh: what he do?
Me: he held a surprise birthday party for the gf.
Koh: oh.
Me: iya, you sure wont do this kinda thing for me one.
Koh: I will.
Me: no, you will fail.

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