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Dont say I never wong you  ^^
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First we had the bubble tea craze, then the donut craze, followed by GongCha/Koi craze , and here we are at the Siam Tiu* craze. The world is constantly changing its trend and I am at a crossroad. At every trend, I could understand each and every pro and cons, and I obviously took sides; like it or not. Nonetheless, every trend was toxic in its own little ways.. except the last - Siam Tiu. It's toxic as fuck.

Hollywood Thai Disco - Looks fun, meh?

Don't get me wrong. I dont hate Thailand. What is there is hate ? Everything is cheap there, and because its so near Singapore (mere 2 hours flight), I believe everyone agrees that its the perfect getaway for shopaholics. I have so many Thai friends sometimes its impossible to meet them all up on one trip.

Even finnfinnthebettertwin hearts Bangkok!

What I hate... is the idea of a Siam Tiu and its purpose. I've been to three different discos on three separate occasions and yup, my perspective of a Siam Tiu has never change. The working girls were mediocre, the music was shit, and worse of all, its always dramatic. However, I've never really had any problems with their existence. It takes two to clap - these girls, although on social visit pass, are just out to earn a living; decent or not. Men, horny enough, will just go for it.

I would like to think that if I am a guy, I would have better standards than this.

I dont ever remember ever telling myself or to my friends "such a great night. we should come here again." at the end of our drinking sessions. Unlike Zouk or Butter or even Sluttica.

Ultimately, almost all men are the same. This was where the problems I have with Siam Tiu started.

When my childhood friend (who is half Thai) got himself involved with a Thai girl, I was like "hey, he's going back to half of his roots". I was genuinely happy for him because he finally found love despite how dramatic his girlfriend's reaction was to my existence. I backed off naturally. This means no contact whatsoever with that friend whom I've known for many years whenever the girlfriend was in town or he's overseas with her.

I dont know where or how in the blue moon I've offended her but just the same, I couldnt stand the sight of her anyway. I learnt to live and respect my friend's decision. I even tried to be in the same room with her because I am bro enough but yah, some things just cannot be forced.

Note; I am not indicating that my friend's girlfriend is a gold digger. Please do not spread nasty 

Secretly, I always feel that these Thai working girls are here for the same reason - to earn more money. Then, because of one or two black sheeps who started dating them and showering them with more money, soon the trend of dating a Thai working girl ignited. What does that mean for us Singaporean girls who want to settle down with a Singaporean man? Shit, really. Shit.

Asians, Singaporeans in general imho, women have the tendency of wanting to dating White men, I get that. Perhaps we feel that they have more earning power hence due to the standard of living here, we succumb to dating someone whom we think can give us better lives. Singaporean men forever complaining about how gullible these women are. Now, the tables are turned. Singaporean men are suddenly the White men in Thai culture!

It must have been such a huge impact on every Singaporean men's ego.

So in recent events, one of my very very close friend got himself involved with a Thai girl too and he said to be very much in love with her despite knowing her for barely a month. He was with his girlfriend for nearly 5 years and broke things off with her so that he could bring the Thai girl home. He brought her home the very night she left. Needless to say, he's no longer in our lives.

We are still in mourning period and I came across this status posted by a stranger.. who is a guy, by the way. It hit home. The article rulings went -

To my dear friends who are addicted to Thai Clubs.

Thai Club Anti Gong Tao Rules:

No. 1 - Puying are here for work. They are not looking for a relationship with you.

No. 2 - Puying give you the Girlfriend Effect (GFE). Please do not mistake this for love.

No. 3 - Puying have a daily quota for Ladies Drinks. They will flirt with you to meet this quota.

No. 4 - Puying exchange their numbers so as to sms you "i miss you", "will you come find me"... It is their usual practice so don't think you are special.

No. 5 - It is quite common to bring Puying to supper after their work or even go out on their off days. They are just finding a guy to provide the free transport service, food, entertainment and shopping spree. Obviously they will treat u like their bf during such sessions.

No. 6 - Darling or teerak is easy for them to call out to you. Please realise that every customers to them can be a darling or teerak and don't feel that you are the only special one.

No. 7 - Do not prioritize them over your job, family and true friends.

No. 8 - Deep dive into your mind and ask yourself (Its love or lust?).

No. 9 - You ARE just another customer.

No. 10 - Hurt them rather than getting yourself hurt (That's the basis of most of the Thai songs out there 555).

No. 11 - Make them fall for you first.

No. 12 - Don't give them your real name.

No. 13 - Don't give them your address or home number.

No. 14 - Don't promise them anything.

No. 15 - Don't give them cash.

No. 16 - Don't reveal your pay.

No. 17 - When asked for ladies drink (LD) or flowers, tell them "Not today, going back soon, another day".

No. 18 - Fact: Singers make from $5K to 8K every month. Models/PRs earn from $8K to $10K every month. Those good ones get $15k and above. Plus branded luxury free give. They might be earning more money than you.

No. 19 - Do not believe their sad stories.

No. 20 - Their names is not their real names.

No. 21 - Do not send money to her back in Thailand.

No. 22 - If you both are in love, do be prepared to maintain a long distance relationship.

No. 23 - If you both are together, do be prepared that she will continue her work as a PR/Singer/Model.

No. 24 - Thai Culture is very different from Malaysian Culture. Be prepared to put in the 110% effort to work out the umpteen hurdles from family and otherwise.

No. 25 - Be prepared to support her and give her money to send home if you insist she not work as PR/Singer/Model. You will be supporting her parents, siblings, herself and yourself.

We are worried for this friend of ours but there is nothing we can do about it because he's a big boy. He has been with the same girl since he was 20; prolly many things other guys his age had experience but he didnt get the chance to because he was living a very "married" life. That's the excuse I've given him to make things easier on my side, however they had a pact: "He could do whatever he wants outside as long as he knows where is Home". I doubt anyone in the right mind would not be happy with that pact.

Bitch please, we cant please everyone.

I thank lucky stars and count blessings everyday that Laode doesnt like Siam Tiu as well. Its not like no one asks him, or he doesnt like it because I dont like it. Its just great news for me as I will never have to catch him in the act and I know that wherever he goes, its always some place decent. So ladies, if your men likes to hang around places like this because "beer are cheap", "my friend works there", etc, please just beware and monitor closely. Don't fall victim to some of these cunning bitches.

* Siam Tiu means Thai disco

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