Tuesday, June 17, 2014

For a too long while,

So I took a super long hiatus since January and ditched this place for a treacherous semester that has finally ended. #phew

&I'm in my final semester. Can't wait to finish off this semester and start working. Love the student lifestyle but absolutely hate the poorness of it. :( 

Missed my face right! Hehe. Took this super model-like photo in Osaka that I went during my break!! Was super stoked before going to Japan and it sure did live well and beyond my expectations. 😌😌

And, I decided to pick up Dota2 after so much procrastination and I'm an addict. Still noobie but my reaction is much better nao. I like how everybody starts from 0 and you can't buy better stats unlike most games. It feels more fair this way. Like you're really playing because you're good and not cause you can afford to. Now I feel like getting up and go play dota.... 

So, I will try my bestest to be moreeeeee active. Else Celine might kick me out. :x 

&here's a super good looking plate of Tonpei that you cannot find in Singapore

Signing off,

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