Friday, August 8, 2014

I am a woman, and this is what I want -

Lately, there have been an influx of articles with list after list after list of Relationship Advices, Who to Date, How to be Dateable, etc (and they are still sprouting everywhere!). While I find myself agreeing (and nodding my head) to some of these articles, some times these articles does not fully apply on me. Therefore, for my future husband and self, please take note of the following;

What I, R.Celine Ng, really want -

1) Communication

This has always been my number 1. As a Gemini, I talk alot. I tell you about my daily life, I expect you to also share yours. Even if its the same old boring crap that been happening at work for the past 18 days, yes, I want to hear them. I believe its very unhealthy to bottle up your emotions. I should be the one you are sharing your anger and joy with, not your colleague(s) or the Auntie next door. We can NEVER go to bed angry.

2) Honesty always the best policy. I don't like to be kept in the dark. If you want to be secretive about your life, go be a spy.

3) Understanding

Despite my love for communication, I hope in the long run, you are able to read me occasionally (especially when the situation needs you to). I mean, I reckon being together for a period of time,  I would be able to read your body language or even predict your next action. Thus, if you care for me, you would want to give me more, or all your attention. Bitches love attention.

4) Respect

It comes in many forms and applies to a lot of things. Just bear in mind that I am typically not your average MiinAhLiianZx on the streets. If I say no, it bloody hell means no. I might be princessy at times, but if I say no sex tonight, it really means sex is off the table for tonight. But you can spoon me to sleep every night.

5) To be able to be myself

Everyone has a past, a present, and obviously, my future is with you. I would love to hear/know all about your past (from ex girlfriends to second failed marriage to the time you randomly bought me a Lamborghini), share the present, and plan for the future. However, you cannot stop me from being me and from what I want to do in life.


Dear Future Lover whom someday I would call mine,

Although we will be spending the rest of our lives together, I am still entitled to have my own set of homeboys who you will def get to meet and hang out with (of course I still get to have my lone time with them), my own girls night out which you will get to pick me up after I am done (will call you 30 mins in advance), and I get to go home to my dad any time I want (even if we are not residing in Singapore).

Above all the wants and needs of mine, I promise to keep you in mind and spare a thought for you as well. I am not a tough nut to crack, albeit it takes a lot of patience. Whoever you are, I thank you in advance for loving me despite my unconventional irrational occasionally unreasonable ways.


p/s: I also want a 1.5 carat princess cut diamond of excellent quality sitting firmly on top of a rose gold set ring which will be staying put on my ring finger for as long as I am alive and married to you. Here's a photo for reference;

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