Saturday, November 16, 2013

Facades and PMS

Don't know why but I woke up this morning with a bout of insecurity. What I made it worse by was watching Catch Me If You Can and feeling sorry for Leonardo Dicarprio's character. (Andthenistartedcryingandshit) 

&then all this life issues started presenting itself to me. And I'm like fuck. Really ah? Magnifying problems that are tiny. Magnifying issues that are probably created in my head. And I sound so neurotic now........ 

And it's times like this that I should talk to someone and be able to share my thoughts with. I hate myself for times like this. Like all these are pointless and whatever thoughts I put into action is like even worse. Like I created a problem out of nowhere. 

Yes, I need help. But out of it all, I think I need encouragement and support the most. There will always come a time when I need to admit that I'm not perfect and I shouldn't expect it of myself and people around me. 

Okay. Maybe I'm just feeling Miley.

(Miley: craving for attention excessively)

Or maybe it's just my PMS. Hahaha

Signing off,

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