Friday, February 22, 2013

Are YOU the one?

..person that can jingle your way to the top? Cebu Pacific is looking for THE Juan Blogger!

Yes, create your most creative in flight dance moves, upload it and STAND A CHANCE TO WIN free flights, hotel stays and US$ 2,000 travel allowances to four wonderful cities in the Philippines !

More information, head on to their contest page here:

Meanwhile, here's my lame take on the in flight dance (and I really tried to stray away from the Harlem Shake).

First, introducing my passengers to you.  From top left clockwise: Broccoli and Baby as Mother and Son. Pooh, Giant and Jeffery.

My make believe tools. Koh made the mask using cup and plastic bag, I dug out an old belt and found a yellow top as vest but I took the vest scene away because I look more hideous than I usually do.

Because I honestly cannot dance for nuts, I can shake my booty around but not dance. My one year experience in Chinese Dance did not end well for me but...

After reviewing my video, although it sucked to a certain extent (I believe other bloggers did a much better job and did not embarrassed themselves with their extensive collection of stuff animals) but I did complete what challenge I accepted therefore...

Hence, if you think you are 


And if you think that I am..


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