Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Has 2010 been a good year?

What can I say?

I remember starting 2010 with a bang then, I cried. It was my first time watching fireworks with Koh (and everyone knows I HATE FIREWORKS). I spent half of the time covering my ears for fear of the loud sound and trying to move back while Koh is not looking for fear the fireworks might actually somehow burn my clothes. I DO NOT KID. I FEAR FIREWORKS DEARLY.

1st Jan 2010 marked my 6months and one day with Koh. End of 2009, Koh and I were going through a rough time. I cry like most of the time so new years was no different but I don't remember why I cried.

Then I started school…again. Met two of my bestest best SMa friends ever and one of them left me early October. From there, the rest of my 2010 was horrible. It was death after death. It ended with Ahma (Koh's grandma) leaving us 2 days after Christmas.

School was great. I met A (a long time ex bf's cousin) again and he helped me so much, it was insane. We had to separate due to different courses and I got closer to Nate. I also learnt that the people whom you think is your friend may not be your friend afterall and if you are sad, you actually is bothered. If you are not, meh, he/she not as important as you think he/she is.

Social wise… I managed to spend more time with The Princess, Izzy and finally matchmake the right guy to Cheryl (I fail once and I blame myself for her misery). I didn't miss out on any important 21st birthday parties, I think! Oh oh, I had an awesome 21st too!

Romantically speaking, Koh and I became old folks. Stopped going on proper dates. All we did is chill at home, club somewhere (and end the night at 2ish?), eat at yacht club, blahblah. But we are still together! It was tough during the last 5months because poor boy enlisted. We didnt even spend our 1st year together nor celebrate anything.

However, 2011 said to be better because I am turning 22 in June, finally getting a diploma in April and is going on a trip w Koh during his block leave in a few days time!

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