Monday, June 14, 2010

Stop twitting because no one wants to read your sob story

Since young, I've never been the kind to ask my parents for extra cash even if I know I could. I'd make sure I tell them what's the extra cash for (books, driving, etc) then take the exact amount. Many a times, my mum forgets abt giving me cash and I just pay my own if it's a small amount (like less than 20).

Since young, I also know my mum treats money very seriously. She's the ultimate money face. She can think that chewing gum is 5$ and not move from her seat. And when no one looking then check it out.

Now I'm 21. I knew that since young, it's right to not let your parents worry (about money) and she is still a money face.

Here I have in my room. Empty packets of angbaos. Where's the cash? Easy. In my mums pocket.

I am piss because I didn't agree to let her have everything. I am piss because I entertain from table to table, put up a show for everyone and not being able to keep all my gifts. I am piss because despite she knowing I am piss, she still took all the money and not live me any.

Fyi, she wasn't the only one paying for my party. I used up most of my pocket money and is dead broke. Was kinda hoping the angbaos will tide me over the month. I have my bills to pay (which I tell my dad is under control so he don't have to worry), driving to learn, TP to pay for (car rental and license), bus rides and MRT rides to pay for.

I gave up. It's impossible to survive without a job. I bring home the same amount as what my dad gives me now (in order for me to quit my previous job) but I have less time for friends and entertainment.

Being 21 is not easy. I cried on my birthday because Koh was being an asshole (no, he didn't make up for that), I had to be mean to service staff because it wasn't perfect enough, I just turn single, I have a pair of pretty heels not my size and I'm broke. Dead broke. GST money not even going to help me.

If I stay on the 3rd floor, id jump from there. To experiment if one will die from each heights. If I die, my time is up. Life has been horrible to me. The only time I'm really happy is when I'm w Koh but it's no longer possible to have that now. I thought my life has taken an u-turn ever since I met him in aug.

My tissue box is empty. My account book states 10.40$ (not even enough for a pack). My life really suck.

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