Sunday, June 27, 2010


Its pretty annoying how I tend to neglect a blog after some time and only returning when I have rants or any displease to anyone. This has to stop, pronto!

Just an update thou:

1) Just ended my exams - hopefully to get a pass for each modules. I think I screwed Individual Assignments up because well, I was too lazy. I just want a pass so I can proceed on to doing my Diploma already. "Hello, I want to move on with Life already. Please get the hint."

2) Organizing my time so wisely that every long forgotten friend has a slot before next semester starts - My first week went well and I only got Friday left unbooked for this week. I am suppose to slot in 'Dinner with Ori and Cher' but Cher has yet to tell me her work schedule.

3) Handle my love life in a way that I do not get hurt - Nothing to really reveal. I am just being selfish here. If you are a good friend who has always been with me or have twitter, you prolly know what is going on. Meanwhile, I heart Koh still.

4) Level up on baking skills - I never tried baking cupcakes so I decided to ask Intan for it. She even gave me the recipe for cupcake icing! It was an success. Will like to offer you one but my brothers wipe everything off and all I left is some for Dom's birthday celebration. I cant cook but I sure can bake you something nice.

5) Internet friend - I have a couple of close friends that I met from Friendster (technically, Cher, that's you) and myspace (IZZY LOVE LOVE YOU SHOO LONG). So you can actually trust the internet. I am going to meet Chelle from Swap-bot this wed for lunch! Passing her one of the swap at the same time.

That's about it, I guess. My life isnt as interesting as you think it is. I just inject tons of drama in it because I am cool like that. While you are at it, have an awesome life (Y)

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