Friday, August 31, 2012

Happy Pothead and her Fancy Dinner

Koh and I celebrated our 3rd year together in advanced. Our first time trying to celebrate it. I dont know why people do 'cause I didnt like the fancy dinner at all. Sure the company was great but I think we are more the zi char person.

Before our dinner, he brought me to Harry Potter! Okay, I bought the tickets (thanks to Ain who works at MBS) and made him pretend to surprise me with those tickets.

Overall, the exhibition was a disappointment. I thought I'd cry after the whole thing 'cause its THAT beautiful and that my childhood is officially over but noooo. I think I am more than a PotHead that I think I am. So be gone, muggles.

Enjoy photos. Could have appreciated having dinner in the great hall, thou.

Tea for two,

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