Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Make a bald statement

Not really a fan of being bald nor losing hair but I really reckon its ridiculous to "Make a bald statemen" just to support the cancer patients. I will imagine myself to be losing hair due to chemotheory, I'd rather be wearing a wig after shaving my hair than to have a thousand over people shave just to make a statement.

As much as I think I will regret even drafting this entry (for it might cost some nasty remarks), I need to make my frustration with this logic known. I dont even care to whom it will be known to.

Think about it. If you really want to support them, instead of shaving, perhaps you could donate your hair for them to create wigs out of your hair. Right? Sounds more logical, in my honest opinion. I dont know for sure what they do to your hair if you shave it to make a statement but since it is not being tied up, I dont think they kept it. Like in salon, your hair (that could have been made into wigs) are being swept and thrown away.

If you agree and could like to do your part, here is where you can find guidelines if your hair can be made into a wig. If you are a guy, fret not! You can also make your donation. Here are videos to help you feel safe. Visit: Locks of Love for a form to donate your hair today!

Even kids know how to do their sensible part.

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