Sunday, April 29, 2012

Faith in Humanity restored

Faith in humanity restored when I broke down in school last week, in front of all my kids, during creative cookery class.

People who know me knows that I am no talent in the kitchen. I am not Herpina/Derpina who you can ask to make a sandwich in the kitchen as ... I have the ability to set it on fire via the microwave oven.

I kid you not.

So I got really stressed and my body decided upon itself to break down and cry like someone knock my ice cream off the cone. I don't like it when my flaw is being exposed to people I don't really know. I mean, come on right? Who will cry about shit like this?

And as I was saying, I cried. The adults laughed it off which was of good intention. They wanted to relieve the tension that was going through my head with a bunch of mini me-s. I, on the other hand, was embarrassed to have break down in front of the kids.

What do you think the kids do in this situation? Rather, what would you have done in a situation like that in primary school. Having your teacher in tears about something just as ridiculous as this.

I, for one, will laugh at my teacher. For sure I will laugh. Not a very good example I must add.

Back to the story...

My kids. They started asking me why am I crying and telling me that its okay to not be able to cook. The girls started to pat me and giving me shoulder massages to, I reckon, release my stress/tension. The boys crowded around me telling me its okay.

It was a scene I never will forget and it will keep repeating in my head whenever I need encouragement.

After my Supervisor took over and made the dish, the kids in my group sat down to eat. As they were munching, I was clearing the mess. When I walked pass them, all they said in unison was "Miss Celine, very nice leh. The spaghetti is very nice!".

I brushed them off and commented that they were just patronising me 'cause I didnt cook the dish. Again, in unison, "You cook the spaghetti one what. You boiled it ma". I swear I could have started crying again.

Its crazy how these kids who hurled and threw insults across the classroom to each other, actually have a side of them which contains humanity. I am glad these kids are my kids. These kids are whom I will groom to be the future of Singapore.  These kids. 

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