Sunday, November 20, 2011

Make your day, my day!

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So on the 13th of November, Singapore celebrated World Kindness Day for the first time! I was very honored to be part of Singapore Kindness Movement as I was able to make someone's day.

World Kindness Day is also celebrated in countries such as Canada, Japan, Australia, Nigeria and United Arab Emirates. Hence to be able to be part of this event in Singapore... my, my, it was mind blowing!

More than 500 people volunteered to make someone's day. We were all given a few stalks of Yellow Daisies, where it is said to be the fifth most popular flower in the world, to pass it on to the next person just to see them smile!

Bloggers gracing the event!

In case you are wondering, just a simple Thank You, is already kindness shown. So next time you are at your favourite Macds ordering your food, remember to say your Pleases and Thank Yous~!

According to Channel News Asia (CNA), some 45,000 stalks were distributed! This is to motivate the public to show appreciation to someone who has been kind to them.
"Many were pleasantly surprised, while others were a little confused. Azizah Ahmad, volunteer, said: "At first they were a bit apprehensive... But after we explained it to them, they were so happy." One person said: "I think it is very interesting that you actually have this; it is like passing on a deed." Another commented: "Everybody is so busy with their life, and it does not take much, just a simple smile, just a simple flower. I think it will make somebody's day."" - CNA, 2011

Dr Yaacob Ibrahim andDr William Wan, General Secretary, Singapore Kindness Movement

Watch it groooowwww.

anddd blossommm...

Ta-da. Off we kick start World Kindness Day!

As excited as I am, I had to wait patiently for the event to start! We had Dr Yaacob Ibrahim and Dr William Wan, General Secretary, Singapore Kindness Movement grace the event. They had to water the yellow daisy to symbolize the start of the event. I had never been on the stage for an event like this before. It was such an experience!

Hold up. Before I continue. Let me tell you abit of the pre event!

Opening speech by The Chairman. He fed me with so much information on this Kindness Movement that Singapore adopted. Did you know we started in the 90s?? Well, I did not =/ I thought it was an indie thing or merely SG wanted to be different.

New Friends: Eileen and Emily + Jayne (from Nuffnang).

And yes, again, Thanks to Nuffnang for this wonderful opportunity!

All of us before we became wet and sticky under the hot sun.

Okay, back to the event!

I was saying that we were given yellow daisies. They are real, pretty and smell good!

Our first kindness "customers"! Although they didnt smile or look as happy as I was hoping in this photo but dont worry! They are!

I kept one flower to give to my brother, Alvin, who has helped me alot hese past years. He grew up so fast that sometimes I feel that hes not my brother, rather a friend! He works in town so who better to also give a yellow daisy to?

So what I am trying to say is, it doesnt matter who or what, it is important to show appreciation! Just say thanks, make someone's day!

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