Tuesday, October 4, 2011


I havent been reading any blogs lately and I wonder who still come to this space. I kinda like talking to strangers so if you are here, HI!

Today, I decided to be random and tell you that I didnt head to the interview I was talking about 2 entries back.

"why not?"

Well, because I honestly felt that I wasnt ready. Wasnt good. Wasnt what they were looking for. Maybe in a year, I will tell myself to go for it again.

"then, meanwhile what are you going to do?"

It depends. I could just lay at home full time, learn American Sign Language (ASL) or buck up and find a job with full on passion.

"so the verdict is..?"

I am going to stay at home for the time being, learn ASL and go for the interview arranged for me on friday.

"what interview this time?"

Hopefully something to do with my diploma. Its to work at Ministry of Manpower. A bit of admin but if I am not wrong, I will put my diploma to some use.

"good luck"



Btw, I caught Real Steel last wednesday and it was sooooooooo goooooooodddddd, I tahan-ed my pee. ROBOTS WERE JUST EVERYWHERE. MY EYES GOT WET, MOANED, AND CAME.

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