Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Harajuku - young and carefree

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One thing Life has thought me is that everyone comes from different background. Different walks of Life. Some good, some bad. It is not advisable to judge a book by its cover however, it is inevitable to do so.

Like the name of this space (Super Sticky Labels); labels that society had given us and we are unable to shake it off. Everyone judge. By your skin, how much money you make, your clothes. Yes, your clothes.

Each and everyone of us has our own unique style and presence which, we like to portray ourselves to be. Its kinda like living in a imaginary world. For example, I love Gossip Girl. I loved to be a Blair Waldorf. Season 1's B is leggings and hairbands. Despite Singapore's weather, I sometimes escape into B's world by dressing up like her, pretending that I live in the Upper East Side.

Serena and Blair

Of course, I got the looks. Just because I am not dressed like everyone else. I am not shy to say this but I own two pairs of boots and wear them out when its raining or when its cold outside.

I have the grey one for this design.
I have this exact pair which brings me countless of confused stares whenever I wear them out.

You might also wonder I speak soo much about judgements, do I ever give judgements out? In all honesty, I do. I hated J-pop and K-pop (then, later I spotted myself jumping to Beast and 4 minute concert last year. Yes, I am a convert.)

Thanks to the lovely people of Nuffnang, I saw a different side of Japan Street Style. I used to think that they are cosplaying all the mothertoading time and it disgust me so much. Seriously, why do you have to put so much makeup, so much clothes on and the hair! Omg the hair!

Too much clips and piercings.
Too much hair dye. Too much on the contact lenses.
I really dont know how to comment on this.

Because I am still new to this concept, I cannot, for the life of me, differentiate between the Japan styles available out there. So please forgive me if I am wrong! But here are some styles that caught my eye!

Shows that girls on the other side of the scale can also be fashionable!
I love how colour clash this outfit is!
Reminds me of Alice in Wonderland. Mad hatter and Queen of Hearts.
I really could see myself walking in town with this look!
Simple yet also street style. Not too much. Not too little.

My Harajuku style is on the hippie and simple side.

Again, the lovely people of Nuffnang, invited some of us to attend the Harajuku Street Style Launch Party!

Fashion show gonna start soon! Look at the number of media!
I am convinced that Harajuku look good on every race.
Cute outfits! (Special guest appearance!)

Host was Utt!
Bloggers who were on stage: Qiu Qiu, TypicalBen, Xiaxue, Cheesie.

Clothes that were on sale, display!

Spot HP shopping for clothes!

Harajuku featured brands such as Urban Research, DAMMY, Crystal Ball, Mystic, Rosebullet, etc can be found at Tangs Orchard Level 4!

I shall now leave you with Team Rocket ! It might be my Halloween costume.

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