Saturday, April 2, 2011

Tact, with or without

So I've been told that I have no tact and I speak my mind without, you know, thinking if it will hurt anyone's feeling. Tact is not something that I can learn overnight if it wasnt cultivated since young. Its something that I cannot feel because whatever comes out from my mouth, I am perfectly fine if its being said to me.

Im not trying to be all-so-arrogant and stuff but sometimes, I just need to be told on exactly what I shouldnt say. I like to speak my mind. Since young, my teachers' remarks will always be "outspoken" and/or "talkative". I do talk alot and one thing can lead to another.

But I really had no idea I was outspoken. From the bottom of my heart, I speak at will and its not that I dont care about anyone's feeling butI like to be direct and will like people to be direct with me.

You know, karma? I always thought that if I am direct to people, people will be direct to me too. I hate talking about someone behind their back but well, face it, everyone does it.

SSL was created because I couldnt stand labels. I was called a "controlling bitch" because people didnt get their facts right.

True that not alot of people can take my attitude. I thank the one upstairs for my friends and my friends for tolerating the attitude that not everyone fancies. But back to the topic, how do I know if I am speaking tactfully or not. I supposed I wasnt taught tact and I could speak freely in my own house.

I am stupid. I can never be a people please. Not that I want to be but itd be nice to know what is on everyone mind. WHAT EXACTLY IS TACT. HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO GO ABOUT SPEAKING WITH TACT? Like what Ive said, whatever that comes out from my mouth is whatever I dont mind being said to me. I honestly dont feel how I offended anyone.

That's why I prefer hanging with the boys. They understand it when you tell them that you speak your mind, is straightforward and direct. In fact, I secretly think boys like girls who are like that (plus demure lah).

The only reason why I am blogging about this is: I AM ABOUT TO BE A MISS CELINE (GO FIGURE ). WHAT UP. According to Teck, I hang with chewren.

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