Saturday, April 16, 2011

My little happiness

Pardon the lack of entries and updates on Tumblr. I started working (yes, even before I officially graduate. I kiasu like that). I cant stand the idea of bumping around at home, looking for a job. I like to do things fast. I mean, its confirm I need to work after the diploma so why wait?

After snooping around, going for interviews for customer service, admin assistant, receptionist and teaching, I finally decide that I want to teach because it is not stagnant and its enriching. My kids are wonderful and I love them!

My afternoon class of P1.
Half of my morning class.

Reason why we gain weight after leaving primary school.

My k2 and his brother.

They are my motivation to go to work every morning and even if I OT, I gladly stay just so that everyone can be on the same pace the next day. For now, its 5 day work week and I am already looking forward to teachers day!

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