Tuesday, March 15, 2011

She will be coming round the mountains

I do not usually post up photos of me and my friends out in the clubs. Well, partically because I am lazy and the other portion is because it will be on facebook anyway. You people dont need to know what the hell I do, do we? Kidding.

Christelle came to town on friday and we partied on Saturday. I havent seen her for about a year now ever since she left Lasalle to study in New Zealand. She comes back every once a year for her mother's business. Her mother is sick now (lets pray for her) so Id expect to see Christelle more often in SG.

I brought her to Zouk because she havent been there and I dont like Attica anymore. Okay la, because I wanted to go Zouk and Koh's friends all going there also okay.

Christelle had to leave early 'cause she had a flight to catch the next day. Jun Xiong, a friend of the boy, who was following Christelle everywhere she go, went missing after Christelle left the club. For obvious reasons, our drunken selves stray into thinking they are both fucking.

However, that was the idea. He left after sending Christelle to take a cab. To create an illision that he went home with her. Question: Is there a need to? Does it boost the guy's ego? Pfftt.









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