Saturday, March 5, 2011

Japanese Cable Walk

Despite it being our 2nd valentines day, we refused to admit how a cooperate holiday it is by going for a dinner, followed by cheesy cable car ride and a walk thru broadwalk.

Koh had the honour of planning the evening. V'day falls on a monday this year and no matter how we feel it should be a public holiday, it will never be. Our V'day was stretch over a period of 3 days.

I could do a month long of V'day as long as it does not involved cutsy teddy bears, flowers and/or cutsy teddy care carrying flowers. I know your bf shoo cute buy you a teddy bear size of my stomach. Too bad you and your bf look stupid lugging it everywhere you go. Do you have to buy an extra movie ticket for it? 'Cause look at the size of it. I'm pretty sure its against the rules.

No, I am not a sour grape. If I want a teddy bear, I'd rather Koh go arcade and try to jackpot it for me within a budget (say, 30$ for a huge one -half the height of me?). So much more cooler to tell my gfs that my bf got this for me (not bought it for me).

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