Wednesday, August 18, 2010

What's the point..

.. Of using rhyme when you don't have proper diction? - Chaz Ali.

People with bad english enjoy doing diss tracks. Can anyone please enlighten me? How can anyone's english be so horrible. If your first language is not English, you are forgiven but hello, you live in SinGaPore euUu nOeS? I am not talking about Chaz Ali. I started this entry with that because of the sentence; the words. Read on and you will find out.

Honestly, I am a general people hater and I don't expect people to like me at all. I am, after all, loud (and annoying) and not everyone can except that. But what one do not know is:" If I react differently from how you will react, that doesn't make me weird. That will only make me, not you. Just because someone is out of the norm, does not make he/she an outcast. He/She is just, well, not you."

I understood that but only practice it to a certain extent. You have to agree with me because you are only human. We all dislike. We all diss. We all gossip. We all talk. Most of us are closet sadist. We are happy at the expense of someone's misery.

Eg. I laugh at Cher (almost) all the time because 1) she's my BFF so I can. 2)weirdly, I laugh at her so she can step up her game. 3)that goes to show how awesome a BFF she is because although I laugh at her, she still gives me kitty hugs.

You are different. We laugh at you because we are highly amused. You are like our drug. We get high on you. The bad use of English Language, haughtiness and 'stylish' attire. Heaven, help us. Eventually you will burn our eyes so we rather laugh it out loud and enjoy while we still can.

Back to what Chaz said: "Whats the point of having rhymes when you don't have proper diction." When you are rapping and not articulating your words, no one understands you. When you want to say something in bad English and you think its cute, then, think again. I think if you want to rebut someone, you firstly need to do your research, know the facts, plan and spread out what you going to say so you will not end up saying:'Childish acts' to end the conversation, type/speak proper so as to get the message across and come out with a good conclusion to wrap up your debate.

Easy peasy. If I have the time, I'd write out a lesson plan for you, complete with readings.

Oh btw, you do not have proper diction so do not try to act all slang-y. And you think I don't know but every time you speak, you always look at my direction. Either you are checking K and T out or seeking my approval of what came out from that hole. Woman, you need no approval from me. You are not in my family tree (no pun intended, guys). The more you have shifty eyes, the more I feel you are insecure. Why? You got Shrek not enough ah? Want to feed him more? Make sure you still got money to do degree after shopping at Sheng Shiong.

FYI, your trimming is like putting extensions. Tell me your language in advance so I will be able to communicate with you. After all, we are comms students and we are supposed to learn 5 languages so why not teach me yours? At least when no one understands you, I do.

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