Thursday, August 26, 2010

Ken Lim without you

I finally have a boyfriend who serves the National Slavery. He who pampers me, showers me with non stop love and it just feels like I've lost my right hand. Koh is someone who I do almost everything with. He's an unspeakable best fwen and one who I appreciate only when missing.

I bid my goodbyes to Koh. Gave him one final hug, kiss and wave. Off he went to be a man that he already is. Then, I realize things are going to be different. I prefer shitting when Koh is in the toilet with me. It helps me shit better. So who's going to sign up for that job?

It felt so darn lonely to shower alone. I've got mushrooms in my bao but no one take out for me or no one I can feed the mushroom to. We usually head back to the room slightly before 11pm, today I waited till the show ended. No one help me take fruits and no one to tell jokes to while watching TV. What if I want to smoke in the middle of the night? No one to go with. Overnight, I lost my spoon, my cuddle and my cook.

I am lone ranger, wondering soul in main land. Everyone else is happy and couple-ly but me. If Tekong got one month course, I'd be first to sign up.

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