Thursday, May 20, 2010


I check my emails today because I was expecting a mail from swap-bot. Before I continue, I'd like to tell a special someone that he's been missed.

Dear Darryl,
I miss you. I dont know where have you been and I know for the longest time you dont want any calls/sms from me or anyone from NAFA. But, I still try to drop you a call/sms whenever I think of you. I want you to know that we are still friends no matter what happens. I no longer do that because I fear to hear the operator telling me that the number is no longer in use.

Guess what came into my mail today?

I thought you really send me an email after so long, telling me that you are fine and you want to hang out some time soon. But all I get was

Yes, spam mail.

Where are you? I dont understand why you stop talking to any of us. Its not fair. Today, I dont want to know what difficulties you have. I want to know if you still want to be friends. Oh Darryl, please do know that when you are ready, I am still here waiting for you.


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Anonymous said...

Totally yo. I keep getting mails from old friends. end up all spam one.