Saturday, May 15, 2010

Coffee Club serves good Mudpie. Sinful Mudpie.

Remember how I mentioned about me pigging out? First up, sorry for all the formspring spams recently. I forgot to check off the box to not post it to blogger. Koh and I celebrated our 9th months of knowing each other by going on a date. We had dinner at Coffee Club, Raffles City. I had like the best impression of them when I went to Coffee Club, Wheelock. But, after having dinner at the branch at Raffles City Singapore, I decided I am never going to go back there again. Okay, maybe go back for their mudpie!

My not-so-delicious Alfredo. It was bland and too watery.

Hes smiling just because its for the camera.

And the food.
Nom Nom!
Sandwich. That was so-so.

The 'old man' in him.
Our finished soup! The only nice thing we had.

My pasta that tasted bad.

I've been to Coffee Club twice now and my rating for it is 50-50. Lets hope if I do go back there, the food serve will be to my tasting.


Aline said...

wow that food looks so good, it makes me hungry!! hello from swapbot -thegreengriffin

Robotgranny said...

hello. i cannot access to your blog. help?