Wednesday, November 12, 2014


Ever since, the demise of my relationship with Koh, I have been a lost puppy. I've been trying to find myself through many different medium and outlets. Those are, of course, to no avail. The past few weeks I've seen myself going to Him whenever I want something. I needed to fill up a void . He was there for me. I needed help and guidance . He answered . Gradually, I got into bigger trouble and once again, He saved me.

I made a promise. I returned back to church. It was honestly the best feeling ever. Suddenly, I don't remember why I stopped going. Its been 6 / 7 years? No, I've never been baptised and my parents are not christians, however I always knew and felt His power. I wasn't ashamed in believing in Him. I didn't know how to explain this to people.

Last week's service, nearly brought me to tears. I finally understood why people cry after service. Everything that happened for a reason. Getting into trouble was a sign. After all these topsy turvy, I found my way back into the Lord's arms. I am very grateful for that. He had never gave up on me.

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