Friday, March 7, 2014

Agnes B - cause I can ||

Exactly a year ago, I was sourcing for a new wallet and decided on an Agnes B royal purple with gold prints wallet . The sales person told me that the gold is not imprinted, but embroidered in, therefore the gold will never fade away. A good buy, I thought to myself . Worth the money, I further encouraged myself .

Of course nothing last forever . It's not like I mistaken my wallet as a football and trashed it around, however nothing gold can stay. 

Little did I know, exactly a year later, I found myself buying yet another wallet . I happened to be at IMM and happened to walk into an Agnes B outlet store and guess what. My eyes happened to notice something red, classic and beautiful. This time, I made my own mind up. No more sales person talks on the product.

what's in the bag ?

 ahhhh ! 

is this a joke ?! 


what a beauty ! 

And I got it at such a steal, compared to the previous one. Although I'd like to have a compartment where I can put a photo, I didn't want to have to compromise with the number of card slots. A girl got to have tons of discount cards in her wallet at all times - you will never know when you need it . 

Goodbye old Agnes B. Hello new Agnes B. I don't even know who Agnes B is but Agnes B cause I can .

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