Friday, February 17, 2012

Family matters

I reckon I am the least family oriented adult in my family. I rather have late nights well spent with a couple of strangers at a nightspot than to stay home to watch tv with the family. In fact, I think I spend more time with Koh's family than my own.

Perhaps, his family was more my kind of family. The generous, polite and quiet kind. The ones who are able to afford to go on a family vacation once a year. The normal family.

My family is pretty much wrecked, in my opinion. Don't get me wrong, I love my dad to bits! But, I cant stand anyone else.

I have an autistic brother whom I thought is cool. I never looked down on him. He motivates me to not care about other people's perception and just move on with my own life. In his own way, he learns his stuff and graduated from ITE early this year. I'd be bullshitting you if I say he didnt have any obstacles.

People look at him differently. Even the educated ones. And that, my dear, pisses me off. It makes me feel that I cannot not be judged. That something is wrong with whoever hence my brother. Even my own direct relatives think he is an embarrassment.

My 3rd brother on the other hand is.. well, like me. Other than the fact that he hangs out with guys his age who acts like they are cool and walks like gangsters 'cause I hang out with people who gets me. So sometimes, we are on different levels. But, he will get (to my) there.

The youngest is a bitch. The worst of all of us. I am guessing its because hes the youngest, everyone shielded him from everyone's scoldings that now if we reprimand him, he throws his temper like we all owe him a living. I am sick of it. Of his attitude.

Although there are so many differences, I know they love me alot. They show me how much they care. Jared does all my errands without complaining and calls me whenever I am home late or not at home at all. Alvin wakes me up every morning for work and before he sleeps, he asks me what time I start work so he wont wake me up too early. Nigel shares his snacks with me and comes to my room every other night just to see me.

I, on the other hand, am a bad sister. Maybe I am also one of those people who remembers the bad and forget the good.

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